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  • Premium designs created according to best industry practices.

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  • Powerful enough for pros yet simple enough for beginners.

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Build an eye-catching visual identity.

Whether you've got a small business or you’re creating a personal brand, our collections of artist-designed templates make it easy to create an eye-catching visual identity. Each collection is crafted using the same design language and includes a range of templates for social media posts, posters, cards, and more.

  • Whitepine

    17 templates

  • Jane Smith

    18 templates

  • Design Fair

    17 templates

  • Viola

    17 templates

  • Yoga

    18 templates

  • Love Me

    17 templates

  • Ocean Of Life

    17 templates

  • Bloom

    17 templates

  • Beyond the Idea

    17 templates

  • Breakfast Club

    17 templates

  • Nula

    25 templates

  • Sharp Vision

    17 templates

Find just the right style for your business.

Choose from a range of template collections with unique visual styles to find just the right look for you. Each template collection has been designed with real-life businesses in mind and following best industry practices.

Style Categories

Small Business


Media & Podcasts

Art & Design



And more.

Create personalized designs in moments.

Personalizing a template takes just a few clicks. Choose a template, replace placeholders, select a color palette, then choose from shapes, effects, and illustrations designed exclusively for each template. Finally, simply share your finished design.

Easily replace placeholder images and text.

Choose a built-in color palette or create your own.

Customize your design with built-in shapes, effects, and illustrations.

As easy as 1, 2, 3.

See how simple it is to completely transform the look of a template with our quick introduction video.

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Edit smarter with AI-powered template editing features.

When replacing placeholder content, Pixelmator Pro uses state‑of‑the‑art machine learning to speed up template editing. It automatically removes backgrounds, increases the resolution of low‑res images, and even chooses the best composition for images with different aspect ratios.

Remove backgrounds with just a click.

Replace a placeholder image and remove its background with just one click.

Remove Background

Whenever a template image shouldn’t have a background, it will be removed automatically.

Super Resolution

If Pixelmator Pro detects that the resolution of an image is too low, it will be increased using advanced machine learning.

Auto Fill

When the aspect ratio of an image doesn’t match up with a placeholder, Auto Fill chooses the best composition.

Refine designs with built‑in shapes, illustrations, and presets.

In addition to the hundreds of presets included in Pixelmator Pro, individual templates include their own unique shapes, illustrations, effects, and other elements which you can use to easily change the look of a template.

Built-In Effects

Choose from a variety of image effects that match the visual style of a template.

Alternative Illustrations

Use alternative illustrations to quickly customize the look of templates.

More Alternatives

Experiment with alternative shapes, masks, and more, to easily create your own designs using templates.

Try out different color combinations in a snap.

The document colors feature lets you try out different color combinations for templates with a single click. Templates include built-in color presets and you can even create your own custom looks.

Find templates for all the most common formats.

In Pixelmator Pro, you’ll find templates for all the most common formats and sizes – posters, social media posts, video thumbnails, certificates, cards, and more.

  • Print

  • Social Media

  • Video

  • Resume

  • Other

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