Answers to common questions about Pixelmator Pro.

What is Pixelmator Pro?

Pixelmator Pro is a beautiful, easy-to-use, and very powerful image editor for Mac. With its cutting edge technologies, Pixelmator Pro is the most modern way to create, edit, and enhance your images.

Who is it for?

Pixelmator Pro is great for any of us who love editing images on Mac — whether total beginners or advanced users.

So why does it have the word ‘Pro’ in its name?

‘Pro’ simply means that Pixelmator Pro has a complete set of image editing tools and features. Everything you could ever need when editing images. But the Pixelmator Team’s goal has always been very simple — to create the best and most powerful image editing app that anyone can use and enjoy.

What features does Pixelmator Pro include?

Pixelmator Pro includes every tool and feature you could ever need for editing and retouching your photos, creating still or moving designs with video layers, drawing vector illustrations, painting and sketching, and more. And they all come together in a completely native Mac app experience.

What Mac features and technologies does Pixelmator Pro support?

Pixelmator Pro is built exclusively for the Mac. And it shows. It supports all the latest Mac features and technologies such as iCloud, Tabs, Full Screen, Split View, Versions, Sharing, Shortcuts, macOS Color Management, AppleScript, 64-bit, Core ML, Sidecar, Universal Control, and many others. Under the hood, Pixelmator Pro takes full advantage of your Mac graphics processor using the Metal and Core Image graphics technologies.

How do I learn Pixelmator Pro?

There’s a wide range of resources to help you learn Pixelmator Pro. You can explore our Tutorials page, join the creative Pixelmator Community, and check out the online User Guide. Should you ever have any further questions about using Pixelmator Pro, you can also always email us at support@pixelmator.com.

What are the system requirements for Pixelmator Pro?

Pixelmator Pro requires macOS 11 Big Sur or later.

Does Pixelmator Pro support Macs with Apple silicon?

Yes, Pixelmator Pro 3.3 is fully optimized for and works especially well on Mac devices with Apple silicon.

What’s the difference between Pixelmator Pro and Photomator?

Photomator and Pixelmator Pro are two powerful apps with two distinct purposes. In short, Photomator is dedicated for ultra-fast photo editing workflows, while Pixelmator Pro offers all the tools you need to create designs from scratch. For a full rundown of the key features in Photomator and Pixelmator Pro, see our dedicated comparison page.

Do I need both Pixelmator Pro and Photomator?

Photomator and Pixelmator Pro work great independently for specific editing workflows, but they have also been designed to work beautifully together. Both apps offer seamless edit syncing through iCloud which makes it super easy to round-trip between them – for example, you can edit a photo, then send it to Pixelmator Pro to add some text, shapes, paint on it, and more.